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Capstone ’23 – Bifröst

Bifröst is a fast-paced, multi-dimensional platformer with Norse and Sci-Fi themes. Race through different Realms using the Bifrost; a device capable of opening Rifts and Bridges to alternate worlds.

Valkyrie 27
Piers Watson
Dylan Anderson
Adam Treu
Jake Gilpin
Madison Hozdic
Yulong Han
Doris Hu
Cooper King
Drake Gibbs
Eric Romero
Cedric Loehr
Cole Carrington
Gabe Colena
Ryan Mark
Donnie Kubiak
Erik Warling
Ryan Duane
Tyler Bamford
Ben Simon
Gabe Hanson
Neal Davidson
Rane Brown
Skyler Rocco
Tanden Peterson
Trek Rhodehouse
Trevor Pasela
Vic Villegas

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