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Capstone ’23 – Hell of a Racket

Hell of a Racket
An arena based First Person Movement Swinger where you reflect projectiles and launch enemies into each other with your racket instead of shooting them.

Helltown Racketeers
Andrea Belangdal
Yuanhang Zhou
Kazimar Guenther
Alejandro Serrano
Amogh Katole
Ben Miller
Brendan Ngeh
Emile Goulard
Emma Bukes
Haydon Tarvin
Hung Nguyen
Ian Lau
James Jessie
Jared Peters
Jiahao Liu
Joseph Hanks
Josh Hardy
Justin Chen
Maria Leach
Max Mcloughlin
Mingyuan Yang
Nick Vaskelis
Ryan Frehner
Sean Weber
Seth Hemphill
Steven Tasmin
Travis Dumas
Zach Clothier

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