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C12 – Slime Knight

Slime Knight

Slime Knight is a top-down isometric action game where players must make their way though randomly-generated rooms while fighting off hordes of enemies by grabbing, throwing, and punching them with their gooey, extendable arm. Players take control of an unassuming slime that has been devoured by a gigantic mythological wurm, along with the rest of the city that it inhabited! After inhabiting a suit of armor belonging to a recently-deceased knight, you must fight your way through the beast to rescue your family and escape alive!
Use your unique slime digestion powers to devour enemies and gain access to some of their abilities. Make the most of whatever you can find in order to survive long enough to reach the belly of this beast!

Beast Belly Studios
Ogulcan Buyuksandalyaci
Jonathan Conger
Isaac Houston
Wanqing Hu
MyKaela Parag
Sage Severson
Zeshi Chen
Chandler Jeffcoat
Andrew Taylor Johnson
Ivan Lee
Mitchell Walker
Stephen Holdmeyer
Kayle Heideman
Lucas Qu
Tim Trimble
Jeremy Van Patten
Jared Slawski

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