Episode 14: Michelle Fuzari, Audio Designer III at Electronic Arts

Building 72
Building 72
Episode 14: Michelle Fuzari, Audio Designer III at Electronic Arts

Thank you for joining your hosts, Corrinne Lewis and Adam Hunter, for this fascinating conversation about game audio, game music, and working in games with Michelle Fuzari, Audio Designer III at Electronic Arts!

Show Notes! 

Michelle provided some amazing links for us after we wrapped – here they are!

  • Sonniss: https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc
    They give away free GBs of SFX for free during GDC. That link brings you to those free giveaways. Sonniss also sells packs of SFX.
  • KROTOS: https://www.krotosaudio.com/free-krotos-sound-effects/
    These guys have amazing VSTs, and some you can even try the free demo! Every month they give out some free SFX if you sign up for them.
  • BOOM: https://www.boomlibrary.com/
    A staple in the industry. Sign up for their newsletter on the upper left hand side of the site for free SFX each month!
  • Pro Sound Effects: https://www.prosoundeffects.com/
    Another staple in the industry. While they don’t offer any free SFX, you can go through their library and make single purchases.
  • SoundDogs: https://www.sounddogs.com/
    While most of the time their stuff isn’t free, you can filter your search to look for cheaper sounds that start at around 80 cents.
  • Reaper is becoming a new standard in the industry for audio editing. I use it at work as my main DAW. It’s free to evaluate for however long you want, and a personal license is only $60. https://www.reaper.fm/

And Music stuff!

Native-Instruments: The main staple of the industry. Many other companies make their instruments specifically for the Kontakt player so grab the free one! Just make sure that when you buy other VSTs for Kontakt that they work with the “Free” version. Sometimes it says “Full version required for this instrument to work!”. After you grab Kontakt 6 free, get the Komplete Start for a ton of awesome sounds!

iZotope: A staple for composers as well as sound designers. I use their plugins at work for mixing SFX. RX8 is the photoshop to SFX ya’ll. They have some free stuff sometimes! Currently, Vynl is free!

Spitfire: A great company creating top of the line orchestral and pad instruments. They have some fairly cheap instruments too! They do not use Kontakt for their instruments, but created their own software to hold their plugins.

  • Spitfire labs: https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/#category=&search=&new=true
    They put out new instruments for free every month. Sign up and get their LABs VST player to get these sounds and bring in as an FX plugin into your DAW (Reaper or ProTools or Fruity Loops, etc)
  • Spitfire Orchestra: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/bbcso/
    Scroll down and there’s a “Get for $49 or FREE!” If you push the “free” button it will ask you to take a survey and then they’ll email you this amazing orchestra plugin for free! I use it and it’s great!

Project Sam: Another company creating some great, top of the line VSTs!

8Dio: Have a free section and they’ll sometimes have free giveaways!

Fruity Loops: This is more like a DAW for music rather than an instrument, but you can get the demo which comes with a lot of free plugins! FLEX is fan-freaking-tastic for synthwave music. Only caveat with the free demo is that you can’t save your work!