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C13 – Cardboard Chronicles

Cardboard Chronicles
Cardboard Chronicles is a vibrant, puzzle-adventure game set entirely in a cardboard world featuring pick-up-and-play controls, a parade of whacky characters, and more corrugation than an Amazon warehouse.

Studio Casserole
Saurabh Sood (Engineer/Designer)
Yu-Heng (Yuri) Huang (Engineer)
Carl Frederick (Engineer)
Sean Goodell (Designer)
Anirudh Dargar (Engineer/Designer)
Niki Chumpitaz (Designer)
Mrinmoyee Nandi (Environment Artist)
Maia Revels (Character Artist)
Dari Martin (Technical Artist)
Wenjia Bian (Technical Artist)
Emma Brownstein (Narrative Designer)
Dylan Caperton (Producer/Narrative Designer)
Ben Fellows (Producer/Sound Designer)

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