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Utah Games offers a truly unique academic experience.

The University of Utah Division of Games offers a truly unique academic experience. We’ve brought together a diverse faculty with expertise in every facet of game development, and consulted with top industry professionals to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience in game development. Students studying games in the Utah Games division are typically interested in careers in interactive entertainment, and our curriculum is built with this goal in mind. Not only do we offer students a world-class education from a leading research university, but we also offer the opportunity to develop and enhance a professional game portfolio through our “studio simulation” projects courses.

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Humble Beginnings

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS Over ten years ago, faculty from the School of Computing and the Division of Film Studies formed the Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) program to address a growing student population that wanted to study games and game making. Students studying computer science and film came together in a handful of shared courses to learn the myriad facets of entertainment technology, as well as gain practice with new technical skills inside a rigorous academic experience. Over the intervening decade the EAE program and its course offerings have grown steadily, and has been successful by any measure.  In July of 2023, EAE transitioned from a teaching program to a stand-alone academic department called The Division of Games.  With the change in status came a broadening of mission to advance games research and a doubling down on our commitment to world-class education in games.

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