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Permission Codes

Permission Numbers/Codes: A four to six digit random number issued by the department to enroll in a specific class. Permission codes are not interchangeable. Please make sure you are picking the correct course AND section.

Requests are due by 5pm the second Friday of the semester. Please see the Academic Calendar for important registration dates.


Please see below for when and when not to request a permission code.

Request a code if ...

  • The system is not reading your pre-req courses as valid. Please contact your advisor for approval before submitting a request.
  • You cannot sign up for EAE 4500: Capstone. Note: EAE 3710 and EAE 3720 must be completed prior to taking the course.
  • Having a time conflict between two courses. You will need to provide approval from both the professors whose courses conflict.
  • The course requires it in the course description; for example EAE 4900.

Codes will NOT be granted:

  • To bypass the waitlist.
  • If a class is full. We cannot provide codes for seats that are not available.

You need to be logged into your CIS/University Mail account to submit a permission code for Fall '24. The system will require it.