Master of Entertainment Arts and Engineering

Master of Entertainment Arts and Engineering


The MEAE is designed as a cohort model where students remain together throughout the entire two years of the program (fall and spring semesters only). Students apply to one of four possible tracks (Game Arts, Game Engineering, Game Production, or Technical Art) and will take a series of courses focused on their specialty. In addition, they will also take a series of classes with students from other tracks including game design, rapid prototyping, pre-production, and final projects. Each track also has a concentrated set of electives to choose from.



  1. Game Arts Track:

    Students in this track will focus on the tools and techniques required to understand and use the components of design, drawing, 2D and 3D asset creation, animation, and storyboarding for games, as well as portfolio development in preparation for entering the interactive entertainment industry. Typically, students who are admitted into this track will have a strong background in digital or fine art.
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  2. Game Engineering Track:

    Students in this track focus on the technical aspects of video game development including game engines, graphics, artificial intelligence, and novel input devices. Typically, students who are admitted into this track will have an undergraduate degree in computer science or similar, and some game development.
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  3. Game Production Track:

    Students can focus on a variety of areas in this track (project management, design, business development/marketing or any combination thereof), but the typical producer is focused on facilitating game creation. Successful applicants to the Production Track can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but usually have some experience in game development.
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  4. Technical Art Track:

    Students in the Technical Art track focus on 3D modeling, rigging, and motion capture, as well as extend their proficiency in various types of game programming. Successful applicants to this track typically have a significant experience with programming or with 3D modeling.
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