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EAE Motion Capture Studio Policies

Each motion capture session will require the following:

  • Shot List of moves to record
  • Moves should be rehearsed prior to the session
  • Actor(s) We have 3 motion capture suits. 2 Medium and 1 Large.
  • A Director – Just like a film studio. The director will motivate and guide the actor(s)

Covid considerations:

  • Masks and social distancing
  • Limited space
  • Re-use of suits – We wash the suits after each use. To accommodate more teams or students, consider collaborating with actors from other teams or projects.
Faculty and Staff
Brian Salisbury

Motion Capture Studio Director
EAE Professor (characters, rigging, animation)

About Brian:
15 years industry experience and 16 years teaching. I have been working in Mocap since the mid 1990’s.
I like skiing, mountain biking, motorcycles, and spending time with my family and the dogs.
Favorite Games:
Asteroids, Half-Life 2, Digital Combat Simulator

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Motion Capture Editing Tutorials


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