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The Minor in Games is intended for undergraduate students who have an interest in understanding the academic field of games. The Minor will help students learn fundamental skills and theories applicable to a wide range of areas which include: the development of entertainment software; games-based learning environments for K-12 students; game studies; professional task-training tools; serious games for health; scientific collaboration; and other contexts addressing compelling societal needs.

The degree requires a total of 24 credit hours, with a minimum of 12 upper division hours.

Games Minor PDF


Requirements for Minor


To complete the Minor in Games, students will take four prerequisite courses:

  • EAE 1010 - Survey of Games
  • EAE 1050 - Digital Content Creation
  • COMP 1010 - Programming for All 1
  • EAE 3010 - Assets Pipeline

The prerequisite courses provide students with an exposure to games, game arts, the game pipeline, and programming.

Once the prerequisite classes have been completed with a grade of C- or better in each, students will then complete

  • Traditional Game Development (EAE 3710)
  • Alternative Game Development (EAE 3720) or Interactive Machinima (EAE 3660)
  • Two additional 3000 level electives

for a total of 24 credit hours to complete the minor.

✴ Please Note - BS Computer Science students are not permitted to enroll in the Games minor. BS Computer Science students that wish to study games should pursue the EAE emphasis in their degree.

For more information about the Minor in Games, please contact a games undergraduate advisor,

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