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The David Eccles School of Business and the Utah Division of Games offer a dual degree program designed to take advantage of the complementary elements in the Masters of Business Administration and the Masters of Entertainment Arts & Engineering.

The purpose of this dual MBA/MEAE is to combine students’ applied interests and training in game development with the comprehensive business training gained through an MBA program. Additionally, there are also many complementary intellectual and professional benefits associated with studying game development and business administration together. In simple terms, game developers are trained to design and create products. However, the ultimate success of their efforts is frequently determined not by their technical peers, but by the current business environment and judgment of market forces. Unfortunately, this is an area most game developers know very little about, and is frequently described as the "suits versus dev divide". This degree aims to bridge that divide.

To conceive, design, and create a product as complex as a video game requires deep knowledge in several relevant technical disciplines. In the same way, to anticipate or even influence the reaction of a market requires an integrated understanding of multiple business disciplines. By incorporating a comprehensive knowledge of both sides of the divide, an MBA/MEAE graduate will be, with appropriate experience, qualified to manage every step from the studio to the boardroom.

Applicants interested in applying to the dual MBA/MEAE program can apply to the MEAE program Game Engineering Track or Game Production Track.

Please note, in order to apply for the MBA/MEAE you will be required to apply to both programs. Please visit the Full-Time MBA admissions site for more information on those requirements, and here for MEAE requirements.


MBA/MEAE Curriculum Information and Sample Coursework Plan

Below is a sample of a typical three year plan.

Semester 1 - Fall (17.5 Credits)

  • Week Zero – MGT 6050: Foundation of Teams (1.5)
  • MBA 6000: Career Strategies (1.0)
  • FINAN 6025: Managerial Economics (3.0)
  • ACCTG 6000: Financial Accounting (3.0)
  • OIS 6040: Data Analysis and Decision Making (1.5)
  • OIS 6060: Production Operations Management (1.5)
  • MKTG 6090: Marketing Management (3.0)
  • EAE 6000: Design I Elective (3.0)

Semester 2 - Spring (14.5 Credits)

  • MBA 6001: Career Perspectives (1.0)
  • FINAN 6020: Financial Management (3.0)
  • ACCTG 6001: Managerial Accounting (1.5)
  • OIS 6061: Productions Operations Management (1.5)
  • IS 6010: Information Systems (1.5)
  • MGT 6054: Management Communication (3.0)
  • EAE 6XXX: Design II Elective (3.0)

Semester 3 - Fall (14.0 Credits)

  • EAE 6100: Rapid Prototyping (4.0)
  • EAE Track Class (Game Engineering or Production) (3.0)
  • STRAT 6071: Competitive Strategy (3.0)
  • MBA 6002: Market Readiness (1.0)
  • MGT 6051: Managing and Leading Organizations (3.0)

Semester 4 - Spring (13.0 Credits)

  • EAE 6110: Projects I (4.0)
  • EAE Track Class (Game Engineering or Production) (3.0)
  • MBA Electives (6.0)

Semester 5 - Fall (12.0 Credits)

  • EAE 6120: Projects II (4.0)
  • EAE Track Class (Game Engineering or Production) (3.0)
  • MBA 6800: Integrative Experience (2.0)
  • MBA Elective (3.0)

Semester 6 - Spring (13.0 Credits)

  • EAE 6130: Projects III (4.0)
  • MBA 6800: Integrative Experience (3.0)
  • MBA Elective (6.0)

84 Total Hours (31 MEAE + 33 MBA Core + 15 MBA Electives + 5 MBA Integrative Experience)


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