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Capstone 24′ – Terror on the Bayou

Terror on the Bayou
Terror on the Bayou is a 3rd person exploration survival horror game. The player must navigate their canoe using unique control methods through the twisting and overgrown bayou to reach the beckoning lighthouse and uncover the mysteries of this nightmarish place. But you are not alone in the bayou, for there are terrors beyond comprehension that skulk in the shadows to prey upon your soul. Do not forsake the dangers of the swamp, paddle like your life depends on it… because it does.

Murky Waters Studio
Adrianna Jones – Engineer
Aina Gadzhieva – Artist
Binghe Yi – Designer
Brenden Hansen – Artist
Caden Bozzo – Artist, Engineer, Tech Artist
Chuanbin Wang – Engineer, Artist
Cole Museus – Artist, Tech Artist
David Wimert
Dylan Bennett – Artist, Producer
Dylan Quach – Engineer, Sound Designer
Ethan Maples – Engineer
Grady Des Jardins – Designer, Producer
Jeongwoo (Joey) Lee – Artist
Ji-hoon (Joon) Tucker – Designer, Producer
Jiarui (Jeffery) Zhong – Designer, Producer
Junao (Sky) Xiong – Designer, VFX, UI
Katharine Campbell – Engineer
Kyle Vest – Artist, Designer
Miles Clark – Sound Designer
Mingyu (Nemo?) Yang – Artist
Renjie Zhang
Silas Barber – Engineer, Designer, Producer
Simon Tran – Sound Designer, Composer, Engineer
Sora Roberts – User Research, UX, PR
Yanxiu Li – Artist
Yi Jin Artist
Zachary Willis – Designer
Zak Gellinger
Zihang Jin – Artist
Amir Kholdi – Animator

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