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University of Utah’s Games Division Secures Top Spot in National Rankings

The University of Utah’s  Division of Games today received the #1 ranking among public universities from US News and World report’s 2023 ranking of undergraduate game development programs.  The rankings listed the U’s undergraduate degree in games as the #3 overall among all US colleges and universities.

A Legacy of Excellence

For years, the University of Utah’s Games Division has been a hub for aspiring game developers. Nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, this program has consistently pushed boundaries, producing graduates who have gone on to shape the gaming industry in profound ways.  This recognition solidifies the University of Utah’s standing as a powerhouse in academic game development, reflecting the dedication and innovation of both faculty and students within the division.  The division has historically been ranked highly be evaluators, with US News ranking it #3 among public universities last year, and #8 overall.  The Princeton Review has ranked Utah Games (and its predecessor, the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program) in the top 6 worldwide since 2008.

Professor Michael Young, the chair of the Games Division, expressed his immense pride in the achievement. “This #1 ranking reflects the hard work and creativity of our students and the dedication and skill of our faculty.  Our students graduate and go on to thrive in the industry, ready to change the world with the games they make.  It’s terrific to see their successes the recognition from US News and World Report.”

Pioneering the Future of Gaming

The division’s curriculum places a strong emphasis on project-based, interdisciplinary learning in interdisciplinary teams, ensuring students gain practical experience in every facet of game development. State-of-the-art facilities and a collaborative learning environment have propelled graduates to success in both independent and industry-leading studios.  The division’s degrees are in high demand, and its faculty are quickly growing to match the need on campus.  New faculty bring innovative teaching methods and apply their knowledge to new classes covering topics ranging from game AI to gender and representation, from virtual production to the broader societal impacts of games.

Industry Collaboration and Impact

The division’s success extends beyond the classroom, with collaborations between students and industry giants becoming commonplace. Industry veterans teach a number of the Division’s classes, bringing best practices from their current projects into the classroom.  Industry, foundation, and federal agencies sponsor curing edge research in the Division, creating further opportunities for student learning.  Graduates are highly sought after by top studios and publishers, a testament to the quality of education provided by the program.

Looking Ahead

With this accolade, the University of Utah’s Games Division stands at the forefront of game development education, inspiring future generations of artists, designers, programmers, and storytellers. As the University of Utah continues to lead the charge in game development education, the division’s faculty, staff, and students are eager to see the innovative creations that will emerge from this dynamic program.

For more information about the University of Utah’s Games Division, visit here.

About the University of Utah’s Division of Games:

The Utah Division of Games at the University of Utah is a top-ranked program in video game education and research and is a national leader in the nascent discipline of games. The program is contributing to the definition of a new interdisciplinary informatics field that deeply integrates art, humanities, social science and computational research and practice. Our diverse faculty have expertise in every facet of game creation, and we have consulted with top industry professionals to build a one-of-a-kind learning experience in game development.