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Featured Talk – Elizabeth Zelle from Bethesda

Speaker: Elizabeth Zelle

Date: August 30th, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio(Bldg 72, 2nd Floor)

Talk title: Rage Quit Prevention Specialists: Insights from AAA Games User Research

Description: Learn how user feedback can make your game better and your players less ragey! This talk provides an inside peek at what games user research looks like at a AAA level, arming you with the knowledge of how to interact with user researchers in the wild and tips on how to implement research lessons on your own projects.

Bio: Elizabeth Zelle is a senior member of the Bethesda Softworks User Research Team, located at id Software just outside of Dallas, TX. She's been in the games industry over 10 years, and in her 7th doing GUR. She has a breadth of experience working with both developer and publisher stakeholders on a wide variety of genres and some well-loved franchises. She’s also an undercover marine biologist.