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Featured Talk – Kenneth Williams

Speaker: Kenneth Williams from Blizzard Entertainment

Date: Nov 29, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio

Talk title: The Life of a Server Engineer

Description: Many game programmers are naturally drawn to working on game engines, AI, or flashy visual effects systems. However, the meatiest code – and the most challenging to get just right – often goes unseen. Kenneth will discuss what a server engineer does, the career steps that he followed to get where he’s currently and what working at Blizzard Entertainment is really like.

Bio: Kenneth Williams graduated with a BS/MS in Computer Science from the University of Utah in 2009 and was part of the first year of EAE Senior Projects. After graduation he worked at Raytheon from 2009-2013 and from there moved on to Blizzard Entertainment where he is currently employed. In addition to shipping a couple of indie games, Kenneth worked on the multimillion best-selling and critically acclaimed Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.