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Featured Talk – Laura Schumacher

Speaker: Laura Schumacher

Date: January 21st, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio(Bldg 72, 2nd Floor)

Talk title: Amazing Animal Avatar Design

In her talk, Laura will present her work as a technical artist on Animal Jam, a wildly successful online virtual world for children with over 160 million registered players developed by WildWorks in collaboration with National Geographic . She will discuss how the game's distinctive visual aesthetic was developed, including its inspirations, while also talking about how to work within the technical limitations and confines of technological platforms and tools. Additionally, Laura will discuss how to design characters for children such that they will (mostly) respond well to in exciting and engaging ways.
Laura Schumacher has been working in the games industry for 18 years as an character artist, animator, technical artist, UI designer and game designer. She’s always loved video games and was playing the Coleco Vision before she could walk. When she’s not making or playing games she enjoys aerial dancing, needle felting and reading indie comics.