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Zagal Publishes Two New Books with MIT Press

Professor José Zagal has recently published two books with MIT Press, titled “Seeing Red: Nintendo’s Virtual Boy” and “Fifty Years of Dungeons & Dragons.”

Seeing Red, co-authored with tech historian Benj Edwards, is part of MIT Press’ well regarded Platform Studies series that examines the relationship between specific computing systems and the creative work created on them. In Seeing Red authors Zagal and Edwards examine Nintendo’s 1995 stereoscopic Virtual Boy platform. According to Mia Consalvo, Canada Research Chair in Game Studies and Design at Concordia University, “Seeing Red offers the best kind of platform study, engaging with the technology, marketing, and afterlife of the Virtual Boy and finding rich sources of insight and knowledge in a platform many consider a ‘failure.’”

Fifty Years of Dungeons & Dragons, co-edited with Premeet Sidhu and Marcus Carter, is a collection of essays that explores and celebrates the game’s legacy and its tremendous impact on gaming and popular culture. The book combines writing from notable scholars in the field with chapters covering a range of topics that help readers broaden and deepen their understanding of Dungeons & Dragons as a cultural and social phenomenon.
For more information about these titles please visit the MIT Press website or most places where books are  sold online.