Mark van Langeveld

Professor, Lecturer

Building 72, Room 108
Phone: 1-801-376-9071
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Mark Christensen van Langeveld received his B.S. degree from Brigham Young University in 1985, his M.A. in Design at the University of California Los Angeles in 1990, his M.B.A from Northwestern University in 1999, his M.S.E in Computer Graphics and Game Technology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2005, and his Ph.D. in Computing at the University of Utah in 2009. His dissertation was on “The Educational Impact of Digital Visualization Tools on Digital Character Production Computer Science Courses” and his doctoral work was on Entertainment Arts and Engineering Interdisciplinary Education. Throughout his education, he has been influential in founding and designing academic programs that blend the arts with engineering. His industry experience included designing and directing interactive music videos for Sting and Peter Gabriel, working on several AAA video games in varied rolls, and designing and directing the first major interactive TV (I-TV) show at Microsoft that was called Vine Street. He has been teaching computer graphics for over twenty years. His passion is to teach in the intersection of art and engineering.  He is a Co-Founder of the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program where he is a professor. Research interests include: Engineering and Arts Education, Simulations and Games/VR, 3D printing for Visualization and Art, and Game Engines for Architecture and Machinima. Courses: Machinima, Digital Figure Sculpting, Programming for Games, Character Modeling, Advanced Modeling, Advanced Character Sculpting, Asset Pipeline, Procedural Game Art, Rigging, Game Shaders, and VFX.

Courses Taught in FALL 2019
  • EAE 3010-002, Asset Pipeline, MW 2:45 – 2:48, Building Room 117
  • EAE 3010-003, Asset Pipeline, MW 2:45 – 2:48, Building Room 117
  • EAE 4300, Advanced 3D Modeling, MW 2:45 – 2:48, Building 72 Room 115
  • EAE 4900-001, Spec. Topics—Procedural Game Art, W 9:40 – 12:40, Building 72 Room 117

  • Engineering and Arts Education
  • Simulations and Games/VR
  • 3D printing for Visualization and Art
  • Game Engines for Architecture and Machinima

  • Ph.D. in Computing: Graphics and Visualization, School of Computing, University of Utah. Project: Educational Impact of Digital Visualization On a Digital Character Production Computer Science Courses, van Langeveld, M., University of Utah, 2009
  • Master of Science in Engineering: Computer Graphics and Game Technology, Computer Science/Computer Graphics and Game Technology, University of Pennsylvania. Project: Course Based
  • Master of Business Administration, Kellogg Graduate School of Business, Northwestern University. Project: International Product Planning
  • Master of Arts—Design , Department of Design, University of California Los Angeles. Project: Emphasis: Digital Product and Computer Graphics Design
  • Bachelor of Science, Humanities/University Studies, Brigham Young University. Project: University Studies: Design Engineering Technology (Computer Graphics), General Design and Business
  • Certificate , Flame Compositing System, Discreet Logic Education Centre—Montreal, Canada. Project: Flame Compositing System
  • Certificates, SoftImage 3D Animation II, ational Animation and Design Centre—Montreal, Canada. Project: SoftImage 3D Animation II
  • Certificate, SoftImage 3D Animation I, National Animation and Design Centre—Montreal, Canada. Project: SoftImage 3D Animation I

  • Engineering Deans List of Top Teachers, University of Utah, 2007 – 2013, 2015
  • Excellence in Speaking Award, SaskInteractive, 2009
  • ACCESS Science Graduate Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2003-2005
  • Most Played Game, MSN 1997
  • Product Publishing Award, MSN, Microsoft, 1997
  • Best Game CD-I, Phillips, 1990, 1992
  • NCGA—Excellence in Speaking Award, 1989
  • Saturday High Scholarships, Art Center and Design of Pasadena, 1974-77
  • ABCS Fellowship, Department of Mathematics—ACCESS Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2003-2005

game Credits
  • Eight, 2015/18
  • NanoTubes, 2014
  • Oppy Games, 2014
  • Oppy Animations, 2014
  • Oppy Games, (activities), 2013
  • Math-A-Facture, Game for Mind Improvement, 2013
  • Type-A-Lloon, Game for Mind Improvement, 2013
  • PT, IOS BioTech App, (in progress), 2013
  • SandBoxr, 3D print modeler, 2012
  • Silhouette for IOS (in progress), 2012
  • Human Reference Model (HRM), 2008
  • VizTrails MAYA Interactive Tutorials, 2008
  • Interactive Training Product for African Aids Prevention, 2005
  • Monster Truck Madness 3 Prototype, 2004
  • Links 2003—MS Golf Game
  • World Trade Center Proposal—Top One Hundred (out of 47,000+), 2003
  • Amped 2—MS Snowboarding Game, 2003
  • Links 2002—MS Golf Game
  • Black Pearl—Graphic Novel Game, 2002
  • NBA Drive 2001—MS Basketball Game
  • NFL Fever 2000—MS Football Game
  • Virtual International Newsroom, 1998
  • SCRAWL—Internet based Drawing Game (Similar to Pictionary), 1997
  • MSN International Interface—High-Bandwidth Version, 1997
  • MSN International Commercials, 1997
  • MSN Channel Guide, 1997
  • MSN Face Puzzle, 1996
  • MSN Internet Commercials, 1996
  • NBA Playoff Commercials, 1995-96
  • MS Music Central Commercial, General Music 1996
  • MS Music Central Commercial, Country Music 1996
  • Chicken Crossing—ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review, Microsoft, 1996
  • Office of the Future—Bill Gates’ COMDEX Movie, 1996
  • Goosebumps CD-ROM Series, MS 1995
  • SoftImage Commercials, 1995
  • 3D MOVIE MAKER—Early Machinima Product, 1995
  • VINE STREET—Full Scale Interactive TV Series, 1995
  • Backlot—Interactive Movie Story, 1994
  • James Bond Movie Game, 1994
  • EVE—Peter Gabriel’s Interactive Music Video Game, 1994
  • Sting: All This Time—Sting’s Interactive Music Video Game, 1994
  • Eastwood—Interactive Tribute, 1994
  • NBA Digital Media Guide—CD-ROM and I-TV, Became, 1993
  • Video Professor—CD-ROM Training interface, 1992
  • CD Coach—CD-I Expert Physical Training System, 1992
  • Power Hitter—CD-I Batting Video Game, 1992
  • Escape from Cyber City—CD-I Anime Adventure Game, 1991
  • Palm Springs Open—CD-I Golf Game, 1990
  • Caesars Palace —CD-I Gaming Adventure Game, 1990
  • MATSURI: Japanese Festival Textiles—Interactive Museum installation, Broad Art Center, UCLA, 1990

Selected Publications



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