Shelby Moser

Shelby Moser is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the Division of Games and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Philosophy. She’s an analytic Philosopher of Art & Games with a specific focus on the ontology of interactivity and rules, the meaningfulness of play in social contexts, and, the aesthetics of games. Shelby also has a background in the history and philosophy of the fine arts focusing on the challenges digital art imposes on museum-driven practices.


Academic Book Chapters

  • “Why do we Play” working title, (forthcoming 2025) chapter in the Routledge Introduction to Aesthetics Coursebook, Elizabeth Scarbrough and Evan Malone, Eds.
  • “Analysing Interactivity and The Performative Actions of Games”, (forthcoming 2024) chapter in the Routledge Handbook to the Philosophy of Games, C. Thi Nguyen & John Sageng, Eds.
  • “On Regarding Digital Art”, (2023) chapter in The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Painting and Sculpture, Noël Carroll & Jonathan Gilmore, eds.
  • “Videogame Ontology, Constitutive Rules, and Algorithms”, (2018) chapter in The Aesthetics of Video Games, in the Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy series, Grant Tavinor & Jonathan Robson, Eds.

Select Academic Journal Articles

  • “The Philosophy of Digital Art”, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2023), co-authored with Katherine Thomson-Jones. <>
  • “On Stephen Kidd’s ‘Play and Aesthetics in Ancient Greece’”, co-written with Stephanie Patridge British Journal of Aesthetics, forthcoming Spring 2024.
  • “A Garden of One’s Own: or Why Are There No Great Lady Detectives?.” Co-authored with Michel-Antoine Xhignesse. Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 9, no. 1 (2023).
  • “Game, Sports, and Play: Philosophical Essays.” British Journal of Aesthetics Vol 60:04, (2020): 505-510. <>.
  • “The Philosophy of Digital Art”, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2019), co-authored with Katherine Thomson-Jones. <>
  • “Art and the Emotions: Debating the Work of Jenefer Robinson”, co-authored with Ryan Doran. Debates in Aesthetics, Vol 14:1, 2019. <>.
  • “Expression, Evolution, and Ontology: Debating the Work of Stephen Davies”, co-written with Ryan Doran. Debates in Aesthetics, Vol. 13:1, 2017. <>.