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C10 – Ahri and Bear

Ahri and Bear is a puzzle adventure game, where players will take control of Ahri the cat and Bear the dog who embark on an emotional journey to find their true home.

Team Members:
Xiaohang Ding – Creative Director/Environment Artist
Heng Zhang – Technical Producer/Lead Engineer
Nick Day – Producer/Level Designer
Huang Dun – Level Designer/Technical Artist
Jinlei Wang – Technical Artist
Aditya Gopal – Producer/Animator
Joseph Newman – Engineer
Xiubo Zhao – Engineer/Level Designer
Xingnan Chen – Level Designer/Engineer
Jingyi Zhang – Game-play Engineer
Gaopeng Chen – UI Artist
Daniel Peterson – Character Artist/Animator
Rudrangshu Nandi – Game-play Engineer
Ethan Lyons – Composer/Sound Designer

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