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Capstone ’19 – Chronoraptor

Chronoraptor is a puzzle solving time-travel game about recovering ancient artifacts stolen from throughout history by a time-traveling dinosaur! The player uses their own time-travel abilities to cooperate with past versions of themselves to retrieve artifacts and put an end to the raptor’s time altering hijinks.

Team Members:
Connor Parrish – Lead Engineer
Anthony Posselli – Level Engineer
Brandon Merrin – Engineer
David Mirabile – Engineer
Lexington Dath – Lead Artist
Becky Lin – Environment Artist
Brittney Thompson – UI Artist
Hawa Yarow – Concept Artist
Michael Lister – 3D Artist
Edward Shi – 3D Artist
Mac Kendell – 3D Artist
Nikolas Pantelides – Lead Level Designer
Derek Paniagua – Producer

Download on Steam!