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Capstone ’21 – Greedy Goblin

Greedy Goblin is a 3D “Looter Scooter!” LOOT gold and cursed artifacts to please the goblin king, and SCOOT past dangerous humans to solve puzzles and escape the ruins!

Team Members:
Kendrick Austin – Engineer
Nathan Ayoubi- Producer
Brandon Butterbaugh – Designer
Peter Howley – Engineer
Jinrui Hu – Artist
Chandler Jeffcoat – Artist
Jonathon Lamb – Artist
Ivan Lee – Artist
Devyn Lehrman – Engineer
Lin Pan – Engineer
McKane Searle – Designer
Ke Shen – Artist
Brandon Trimble – Designer
Mitchell Walker – Artist
Zhenyue Wang – Artist
Cameron Waters – Designer
Ryan Whittle – Artist
Feng Zhu – Engineer

Download on Steam!