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C8 – Hard Light Vector

Hard Light Vector is a 3D first-person action platformer where you traverse an alien environment and fight to protect the memories of the dead from corruption. You play as Adelaide and use your Hard Light dagger to jump, stab and vault your way through an alien planet-scape. As you progress through the level, you will discover upgrades that allow you to enhance your mobility. Thrusters allow you to briefly hover. Use your dagger to grind along rails, gain momentum and reach parts of the level you couldn’t otherwise. But your dagger isn’t just for movement. It is a Dagger after all. Stab the enemies with your dagger or throw their projectiles back at them using the dagger.

Team Members:
Nathan Scott – Creative Director | Player | Level Designer
Benjamin Barker – Environment | Level Designer
Utkarsh Agrawal – Program Manager
Michael Breese – Systems Designer
Mukul Kakroo – Gameplay | Environment Engineer
Tony Tong – Prop Artist
Chak Long “Chris” Cheung – 3D Artist (Environment)
Sean Boland – Gameplay | Systems Engineer (Riven & Environment)
Lynn Hardy – System Engineer (Riven) | Audio Engineer
Clayton Westing – Sound Designer | Composer | Audio Implementer
Miguel Espinosa – Concept Artist (Riven& Environment)
Darren Flowers – 3D Artist (Riven) | Lighting
Shantanu Pandey – Gameplay | Systems Engineer (Riven)
Chris Daugherty – VFX | Tools | Shader Technical Artist
Patrick-Benson Kingsland – Technical Animator | Shader Artist
Deblin Sarkar – 3D Artist Varun Suravarapu – UI | Gameplay Engineer (Player)
Cheng-Hao “Nick” Chu – AI | Gameplay Engineer (Riven &Player)
Sarah Soller – Concept Artist (Player & Environment)
Shantanu Mane – UI | Gameplay Engineer (Player)
Anita Lin – Music | SFX
Jenny Jackson – Marketing | Communications
Jacob Nielsen – Pre-Production Consultant

Special Thanks to:
Olivia Jenkins – VFX Artist
Zach Gainer – UI Artist
Sourabh Hamigi – VFX | Lighting Artist
Travis Treadway – VFX | Shader Artist