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Capstone ’18 – Lost Borderline

Lost Borderline is a pixel-perfect hack & slash puzzle-crawler where the boundaries of reality are broken, giving you creative control over the sides of the screen. Play as a skilled Huntress as she shoots, slashes, and dashes
her way through an underground cavern with a mysterious secret… the rules of reality don’t apply here. Armed with the ability to warp spacetime with the click of a button, harness the power of the borderlines to tactically wipe out enemies and solve maze-like puzzles. Explore the cursed crystal catacombs of a lost civilization and discover the hidden secrets of the Lost Borderline…

Miguel Bergonia, Cameron Brotzman, Matt Eggett, Alisa Joo, Evan Rabdau, Elizabeth Ross,
Jon Alger, Spenser DuBois, Dylan Fairbanks, Alex McCorristin, Andrew Robers, Justina Wunderlich,
Michael Black, Emilee Choate, Josh Marchand, Julian Miranda, Caughey Zachery