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Capstone ’21 – Nyaa-Kuza!!

Nyaa-kuza!! is a narrative based fighting game where you play as an ex-yakuza cat travelling through the outskirts of a Japanese city in order to save your catnapped wife!

Team Members:
Claude Gastelum – Artist
Dylan Young – Artist
Ethan Carter – Artist
Kerry Slay – Artist
Lily Chen – Artist
Manny Herrera – Artist
Rebekka Staggs – Artist
Alec Viera – Sound
Anmol Katiya – Writer
Edward Smithee – Sound
James Conger – Designer
Kindra Lingenfelter – Designer
Zhenning Guo – Designer
Aleana Perry – Engineer
Andre Myakishev – Engineer
Jackson Hutson – Engineer
Remy Pijuan – Engineer

Download on Steam!