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Capstone ’18 – OverClocked: The Aclockalypse

Overclocked: The Aclockalypse is a roguelike bullet hell following The Keeper’s time-twisting battle to reclaim The Eternal Sands from Greenwich and her clockwork army. Use The Keeper’s ability to slow time to weave through impossible waves of cogs; then blast them with timesand to tock some sense into those ticked off timepieces. Can you push far enough through the 4th Dimension’s ever changing floors to defeat Greenwich and reclaim The Eternal Sands?

Team: Timewind LLC
Light Bates
Adam Bennion
Gus Cammisa
Caleb Cutler
Joshua Dudleston
Van Euclid Dy
Nickolas Forsten
Christal Hazelton
Jake Henry
Becca Larece
Jacob Moore
Josh Nelson
Ben Smoot
Steven Song
Alek Tolokan
Ryan Torgeson