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C10 – To Hell with It

Hack ‘n’ Slash your way up Hell’s corporate ladder in this “down the rabbit hole” adventure to retrieve your stolen cat from the Underworld!

Team Members:
Hayden Griffin – Producer
Ryan Stonecipher – Level Designer
Eric Waugh – Gameplay/AI Engineer
Becky Lin – Environment Artist
Doug Hawthorn – Technical Artist
Michael Caldwell – Concept/Character Artist
Namrata Doddamani – Technical Artist/Lighting Artist
Travis Treadway – Visual FX Artist
Nicholas Lowe – Environment Artist
Jess Adamson – Concept Artist/UI Design
Charlie Davidson – Gameplay Engineer/UI Engineer & Designer
Anthony Posselli – Gameplay Engineer/3C Programmer
Benjamin Weinberg – Gameplay Engineer/Systems Designer
Dan Spence – Combat & Level Designer/UX
Sandy Zhou – Sound Designer & Audio Implementer
Daniel Osterstock – Composer
Dominic Austin – Level Designer
Josh Nelson – Gameplay Engineer

Download on Steam!