Alumni Testimonials


Rachel Leiker
Hardsuit Labs
Lead UI/UX Designer

“Game development is hard, I’m glad I went into it with more understanding of the industry and myself. My time at EAE taught me that there is always time for team morale, iteration and exploration make for a better game, and there’s always something you haven’t thought of, feedback is absolutely necessary. I carry my experiences with me every time I walk through the door of the studio and I am so grateful for the lessons learned in the program.”

Rachel is currently working on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2.

Sydnie Ritchie
Bee Square Games
Game Designer
“EAE has been immeasurably valuable to me. The opportunities of the production track really gave me a set of tools for how to engage with games as a serious medium. The hands on work with projects was the best possible way to learn what it’s really like to make a game, and to fail fast in all the right ways. Seriously, the people in this program are amazing. Whether they’re running the show, or running alongside you, the EAE team is all about helping each other thrive.”

Sydnie is currently working on Almost a Hero on IOS and Andriod!

Cory Haltinner
KingsIsle Entertainment
3D Environment Artist

“EAE set me up for success with their studio-like classroom setup, and the connections and network they offered. I was able to land my first job with Electronic Arts through contacts I made in class, where industry artists would regularly visit to critique our work. EAE helped me reach my potential by surrounding me with talented, passionate people in an environment that fosters success.”

Joshua Beedle
Blizzard Entertainment
Game Producer
“The EAE Program played a vital role in helping me land at my dream company. The experience I gained from the Master’s Game Production program was invaluable in helping me find internships. EAE provided me an environment to learn and practice my skills to prepare me for a job in the game industry. The lasting friendships I made with people from the program has played a key role in my growth both as a game producer and as an individual.”

Tri Nguyen
Jam City

Level Designer

“I’m currently working at Jam City as a level designer! EAE was a great experience where I got to work with ridiucously talented people that elevated my skills within the long-form thesis projects. It really helped give me real-world experience on how games are actually made (knowledge that I still use every day in the industry)!”

Garin Richards
Certain Affinity
Associate UI Engineer
“The education and guidance I received during my time at EAE was crucial to my start in the industry. The engineering track proved to be world class with a wealth of experienced instructors and professional insight. It was this combination of a top notch education, emphasis on collaboration, and structure of the Master Games Studio that I believe helped me land my dream job in an industry I admire, working in a medium I love.”

Garin is currently working on an unannounced project.