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Utah Games’ Statement on Community and Belonging

The Division of Games at the University of Utah is dedicated to supporting, fostering, and increasing the success and belonging of our students, staff and faculty. Promoting and supporting community members of all backgrounds is central to our mission of creating a new interdisciplinary informatics field that deeply integrates art, humanities, social science and computational research and practice. We embrace and celebrate the unique talents, skills and perspectives which come from having a broad base campus community. Specifically, we define the principles of our community support in the following game night metaphor:

  • Everyone is invited and welcome to the game night.
  • Everyone’s favorite games are played during the game night.
  • Everyone has the opportunity and feels welcome to play.

We are committed to increasing the success of students, staff and faculty by increasing equal access, social mobility, belonging, and wellbeing in community members of all backgrounds.  We create opportunities for participation no matter our individual differences or perspectives. We foster a sense of belonging for all members of our community of game developers and local communities we live and participate with.  We are committed to increasing the equal participation of people who make and play games by challenging bias, harassment and discrimination.