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Capstone ’24 – Barnacles Beers and Brawls

Barnacles Beers and Brawls
Barnacles, Beers, and Brawls is a fast-paced bar management game. You are a tavern bar manager set in a world filled with plundering pirates and tentacled monstrosities. Hurry through a stylized map playing microgames themed around bartending duties like pouring a glass of beer or cleaning up a mess.

Infamous Grog
Jaxson Day (Producer)
Taylor Dabrowski (Producer)
Cole Scott (Artist/Tech Artist)
Erik Ririe (Artist)
Liyuan (Artist)
Christie Kit Lam Ha (Artist)
Dustin Duong (Artist)
Levi (Artist)
Weijia Yuan (Artist)
Lucas Ren (Artist)
Sean King (UI Artist)
Rachel (VFX Artist)
William Briganti (Animator)
Han (Animator)
Chandler Harmon (Engineer)
Asset Yerzhigit (Engineer)
Cameron Davis (Engineer)
Mikey Shin (Engineer)
Alex Cao (Engineer)
Nicole (Engineer)
Chandler Harmon (Engineer)
Julian Zhou (Engineer)
Hongxuan Zhu (Engineer)
Brendan L (Designer)
Travis Jensen- (Designer)
Wesley Gerber (Designer)
Matt Thomas (Designer)
Kelin Wen (Designer)
Miles Clark (Composer from Berklee)
Steffan Perez-Velez Solis (Composer from U of U school of music)

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