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Capstone ’24 – Ivorfall

Ivorfall is an Isometric Steampunk Twin-Stick Shooter with Roguelike elements, where you play as a vigilante detective, fight waves of enemies by using the destructive environment, and engineer weapons through mod pickups as you attempt to take back the city of Ivorfall from a corrupt official and his goons.

Inquiry Games
Kyla Ryan – Lead Producer, Environment Producer, Project Manager
Hayden (Byungjoo) Lee – Level/Environment Designer
William Erignac – Environment Engineer
William Nguyen – Gameplay Engineer / Enemy AI Engineer
Jordon Mathena – VFX Artist
Carson Knowles –Producer, Designer
Austin Freestone – 3D Animation, Rigging,
Austin In – 3D Artist, Level Artist, Environmental Artist
Ryan Cheng – 3D Artist, Level Artist, Environmental Artist
Jonathan (Haotian) Wang – Gameplay Designer
Xiyuan Huang – Enemy Producer, Narrative Designer
Korey Wang – Enemy Designer, Narrative Recorder
Parker Zuber – 2D/UI Artist, Social Media Coordinator
Nevada Black – Sound/ Music Engineer, Video Editor, Voice actor, Narrative Design
Yamin Zhuang – Environment Engineer
Jack Gill – Gameplay Engineer
Zhengbiao Ye – 3D Artist, Level Artist
Luke Cairns – Gameplay Production, Designer
Danyang (Danny) Lu – 3D Artist, Level Artist
Khoa Vu – 2D /UI Artist, Designer
Yihan Dong – 3D Artist, Level Artist
Mingyu Chen – 3D Artist, Level Artist
Mingge (Tim) Wu – Enemy Designer
Duncan Regan – Gameplay Producer, Designer
Aidan Bott – Environment Engineer

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