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Capstone ’24 – My Little Cemetery

My Little Cemetery
My little cemetery Juxtaposes death with a cute, cozy atmosphere. You become the groundskeeper of a neglected graveyard. Learn the stories and befriend the deceased to give them a peaceful afterlife.

Resting Place Games
Nick Burum – Producer
Zhili Chen – Designer
Vanessa Cox – Engineer
Mintoa Du – Artist
Ian Elfont – Producer
Allison Fox – Artist
Sam Housinger – Artist/Designer
Yudian Ma – Artist
Dimitrius Maritsas – Engineer
Elijah McFarland – Artist
Logan McGill – Engineer
Usagi McManis – Writer/Artist
Loren Noorda – Artist
Joshua Rollinson – Artist
Dylan Russel – Engineer
Nate Seibold – Engineer
Zhuowen Song – Engineer
Nat Stout – Artist
Nathan Van – Artist
Sebastian Vasquez – Writer/Designer
Josh West – Producer
Jialin Wu – Engineer
Joseph Wu – Generalist
Leona Yao – Character Artist
Yichen Zhao – Artist
Loren Noorda – Artist
Cason Joyner – Audio Engineer

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