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Capstone ’24 – Digital Audio Wasteland

Digital Audio Wasteland
Digital Audio Wasteland is a comedic first person exploration game about discovering music in the world and using that music to change it with the goal of throwing the biggest rave at the end of the world.

Dawesome Studios
Owen Templeton (Vison holder, Game Director, Gameplay Designer, “The Thumb”)
Aidan Naito (Engineer, Gameplay/Mechanics Designer)
Jesse Hooper (Lead Designer, Level/Gameplay Designer, Producer)
Nova Elwyn (VFX Artist)
AJ Fernando (Engineer, Narrative Designer)
Jessica Bailey (Lead Artist, Enviroment Artist
Alan Liu (Engineer, 3D Artist)
Joe Andrews (Lead Sound Artist, Sound Production)
Ruby Measom (Primary VFX Artist, Best Girl)
Aldrige Tongson (Producer, Level Designer)
Jonas Knochelmann (Lead Engineer, UI Artist, Technical Artist, Sound Engineer)
Alec Serrano (3D Artist)
Kate Taylor (UI Artist, 3D Artist, Marketer)
Zhaonan Xu “Rudy” (3D Artist)
Cheng Gu (3D Artist)
Keaton Hoek (Lead VFX, Level/Mechanics Designer, Producer)
Zhengyang Xie “Summer” (2D Artist, 3D Artist)
Coltin Thiede (Lead Engineer, Sound Engineer, “Cool Guy”)
Kyle Houlette (3D Artist, Level Desiner)
Zhenjun Zhou (3D Artist)
Deqi Kong “Peter” (3D Artist, Animator)
Luke Jackson (Lead Narrative Designer, Narrative Production)
Zichong Xu “Tony” (3D Artist)
Gabriel Garcia (Lead Artist, 3D Artist)

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