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EAE Launch Party ’19

Join us for the EAE Launch Party!

Join us for EAE’s annual open house celebration of the completion of our student game projects! 
We will be showcasing student games from both our undergraduate and graduate degree programs that students have been working on 
for one or more semesters this past academic year. 
Our graduating students have published their games and now it is time to party!
3:30-6:30pm April 24 in the EAE Game Studio. Find directions here!

What’s on Display?
  • 2019 Published Games

    Play all the Masters and Undergrad games being published this year!

    • Cohort 8 Thesis Games
      • Hard Light Vector
        • Hard Light Vector is a first-person action platformer where you traverse an alien environment and fight to protect the memories of the dead from corruption.
      • Hocus Potions
        • A social simulation game about friendship and magic! Gather and grow ingredients, brew powerful potions, and help -- or hinder! -- the local townsfolk while you become a powerful witch.
      • Meaty McSkinBones
        • Meaty McSkinBones is a single-player puzzle/platformer where the character is split into three separate bodies. They each have unique abilities or can work together to solve puzzles and traverse the environment. It's quirky, hilarious, and a ton of fun!
      • Sky Shepherd
        • Sky Shepherd is an atmospheric adventure game where you play as the lone survivor of a skyfaring tribe. Use your flute to round up a herd of mysterious creatures and explore the sky with them
    • Capstone Games
      • Blood Magic
        • Blood Magic is a 2D Isometric Dungeon Crawler where you use your own health to cast spells to defeat enemies while you search for the missing pages of your spell book to increase your power. During your journey will you slaughter hordes of gruesome monsters, defeat unique mini bosses, and defeat the blood driven demons of this world. Before you lays a world of fast pace combat, exploration, and fantasy inspiring environments. Can you survive?
      • Chronoraptor
        • Chronoraptor is a puzzle solving time-travel game about recovering ancient artifacts stolen from throughout history by a time-traveling dinosaur! The player uses their own time-travel abilities to cooperate with past versions of themselves to retrieve artifacts and put an end to the raptor’s time altering hijinks.
      • Fast Travel
        • Fast Travel is a time trial racing game where you must use a hover bike to navigate strange and dangerous environments to deliver loot boxes. While piloting the hover bike, you must maintain your balance to make sure you lose as little of your cargo as possible and avoid crashing.
      • Late City Riders
        • The streets of Late City never stop, and neither do you. Cruise, leap, and fly from car to car through impossible cityscapes to make it to work on time and show your boss that you mean business.
      • Lonely Skies
        • Pilot a rickety airship through unknown and hazardous airspace, stealing parts from other ships to keep it running along your journey.
      • Neon Kicks
        • In Neon Kicks, you’ll take down a border wall or die trying. Using teleporting light-up shoes, shut down as many of the border wall defenses as you can.
      • Pathos
        • Pathos is a stealth game where you control the enemies' behaviors using emotion-altering drugs to get vengeance for your brother.
      • Ride.Share
        • A mobile AR game where you become an AI, controlling a fleet of self driving rideshare cars.
      • Time Break
        • Set in an alternate reality, play as a cop using a powerful time slowing watch to stop crime and save the city.
  • Games from The Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab

    Learn about and Play games from The Gapp Lab

    • Brain Words
    • Choreografish
    • Life Quilt
    • Surgery Checklist
    • Urban Air Mobility
    • Virtual Home Sim
      • Virtual Home Sim is a VR Oculus and PC simulation with a goal to help social work students gain practical experience to be better prepared for the field. Users will navigate through a family’s home to identify risk and protective factors. They will take pictures, write notes, and receive detailed feedback at the end of the training session.
  • Alternative Control Experiences

    New and Innovative controlled Games

    • Airwaves
      • Airwaves is an escape room experience played on a vintage TV set. You play as a Cold War era sleeper agent tasked with finding nuclear launch codes in America, Russia, and Cuba!
    • The Final Funktier
      • Final Funktier is a rhythm space shooter using a turntable-inspired controller. Dodge obstacles, shoot on the beat, and rescue the galaxy's music from the clutches of the evil Ampire.
    • Goodbye
    • Mechromancy
      • Mechromancy is a 3 player cooperative game where players find,defend and extract valuable resources while wielding the power of lightning to hold off hordes of insectoid enemies. Players use a Tesla Sphere and a room scaled alternate controller to pilot their mechs.
    • Ready Set Haiya
      • Ready Set Haiya! is a motion-based fighting rhythm game, where players use a “real” wooden man as the input, and try to imitate various kung-fu poses displayed on the screen on the wooden man, to eventually achieve a high score. The closer the match is, the higher you score.
    • Sono
      • SONO is an aesthetic, alternative controller game that allows the player to effortlessly guide Sono through an abstract microcosm, one once teeming with curious life forms, in search of scattered fragments of sound. Experience the wonder of exploring a new world through the eye of Sono in this petri dish experiment of audio and visual stimulation, carried out on a custom turntable.
  • And More!

    Play games made in the Traditional and Alternative Dev classes, watch movies from the Machinima classes, and more!

And yes, there will be another glorious cake. 🙂

Don’t miss out!


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