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The Daily Utah Chronicle Reports: Equality in EAE: The Fight for Female Representation

The Daily Utah Chronicle reports on equality in games and the EAE department. “Here at the University of Utah, we have one of the best programs for video game design. Our Entertainment Arts and Engineering program (EAE) has ranked consistently in the top 10 in the nation according to the Princeton Review. The video game industry is poised for a dramatic transformation over the next few years and these up-and-coming game developers will be a key force in determining the outcome of game culture. Yet, we too face a heavily unbalanced student population with only 21 percent of Games B.S. students identifying as female. I sat down with Dr. Ashley Brown and Dr. Jose Zagal — two EAE faculty members and professors — in order to better understand how the EAE program has been working to address this disparity and prepare these students as the next generation of video game designers.”

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