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EAE Grad Game: Hard Light Vector Wins IGDA Salt Lake Artistic Achievement Award

Hard Light Vector, an EAE masters student game from last year, took home a trophy last night for Artistic Achievement. The award was given at Final Burn, an end-of-year celebratory event run by the Salt Lake chapter of the International Game Developer Association (IGDA).
Watch Hard Light Vector’s win!

The Final Burn event is a chance to recognize excellence in game development from local AAA and indie studios here in Salt Lake City. Hard Light Vector competed against several nominees from indie and AAA studios and was recognised for their artistic achievements. Their win is a recognition of all the hard work their team, Actually A Game Company, put into making the game.

To even be nominated for a Final Burn award is a great honor and recognition of the hard work, talent and skill that goes into game development. Several remarkable EAE games from the 2019 graduating class were also nominated for awards. Meaty McSkinBones and Hard Light Vector were both nominated for the Pushing Boundaries category, and Sky Shepherd and Hard Light Vector were nominated for Artistic Achievement. Each of these games were exceptional final projects for fulfillment of the EAE masters degree and it comes as no surprise to see them honored with nominations.