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U of U Announces Varsity Esports

EAE and the University of Utah announce varsity esports

Varsity esports have arrived at the University of Utah.
The U and its nationally ranked Entertainment Arts & Engineering video game development program announced today that it is forming the U’s first college-sponsored varsity esports program. Utah esports will compete in multiple games and has confirmed the industry leading League of Legends as its first game with additional games to be announced shortly. The esports program is the first of its kind from a school out of the Power Five athletics conferences (Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, Atlantic Coast and Southeastern).
Read the full press release here

“The U continues to showcase why it’s among the nation’s most innovative and competitive as the first Power Five school to build its varsity League of Legends team.”
Michael Sherman – Riot Games

We’re not done yet. Please check back in as we announce a full lineup of games and teams as part of our varsity, scholarshipped esports program.