EAE Launch Party ’17

Help us celebrate the public launch of this year’s games by joining us April 26 for the EAE Launch Party!

What’s on Display?
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    2017 Published Games

    Play all the Masters and Undergrad games being published this year! Click here to view the full list of games.

  • GaPP Games

    A hand-curated selection of current projects from The GaPP Lab:

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    Virtual Medical Records

    Educational virtual reality game that allows diabetic patients to visualize, understand, and interact with their diabetes health data in virtual reality.

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    HoloLens application for amputees that provides relief from phantom limb pain by allowing users to see and manipulate a virtual arm in augmented reality.

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    Of Mice and Meadows

    Educational simulation that teaches children about how environmental change affects populations of various rodent species native to Utah.

  • Smart Wheelchair Pressure Release

    An app that allows clinicians the ability to set and monitor pressure relief regimens for tetraplegics to help reduce the incidence of pressure sores.

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    A collection of various games currently in development by EAE students.

  • Even More!

    Play games made in the Alternative Dev classes, watch movies from the Machinima classes, and more!

And yes, there will be another glorious cake. 🙂

Don’t miss out!