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Capstone ’21 – Bite at the Museum

Bite at the Museum is a PC arcade game where you play as the king of beasts having just travelled back from 67 million years in the past with one goal in mind, it’s time to rex shop!

Team Members:
Ben Fellows – Visionholder
MJ Galicha – Producer
Anneke Davis – Level Designer and Texture/3D Artist
Celine Cavanaugh – Technical Artist
Hager Neeb – Artist
Heather Thomsen – Artist
Isabella Ruiz – Artist
Patrick Villegas – Narrative Designer
Bryan Bylsma – Engineer
Garrett Evans – 3D Animator
Melissa Kirkpatrick – Artist
Mitchell Henrie – Rigger and Animator
Nick Karegianes – Designer
Seran An – FX Designer

Download on Steam!