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Capstone ’21 – Synthbiotic Dungeon

Synthbiotic dungeon is a fast paced, isometric, online multiplayer dungeon crawler in which you make the dungeon. It has 1-3 runners running the gauntlet and 1 dungeon master pulling the strings by laying traps, enemies, and obstacles.

Team Members:
Steven Pasinsky – Producer
Aidan Buckner – Engineer
Zen Shane Chia – Engineer
Butros Ajami – Engineer
Elliot Bronskill – Engineer
Sheng Hao – Engineer
Alex Bartee – Engineer
Neepun Gupta – Engineer
Anirudh Lath – Artist
Cian Smyth – Artist
Owen Bunzel – Artist
Nathan Koerner – Artist
Sydney Nemelka – Artist
Shakti Das – Level Design
Remi Cooper – Music

Download on Steam!