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C8 – Meaty McSkinBones

Meaty McSkinBones is a single-player puzzle/platformer where the character is split into three separate bodies. They each have unique abilities or can work together to solve puzzles and traverse the environment. It’s quirky, hilarious, and a ton of fun!

Team Members:
Anqi Wang – Concept/ Character Artist/Modeler
Chen Mi – Gameplay Engineer
Corbin White – Producer/Designer/Marketing
Dayna Mooney – Composer
Ekshit Nalwaya – Lead Engineer
Petra Pintar – Producer/Designer
Rob Baer – Vision holder/Animator/Rigger
Sai Upadhyayula – UI Engineer
Shihao Wang – Concept/Environment Artist
Shuang Wu – Prooducer/Designer
Lucas Lima – SFX
Adam Edwards – SFX
Garrett Spencer – SFX
Te Zhang – VFX Artist
Xiaotong Li – UI Designer
Yuxian Deng – Engineer
Zhitao Zhao – Engineer

Download on Steam