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Capstone ’22 – Revenge of the Killer Octopus

ROTKO is a fast-paced third-octopus shooter where you play as an octopus who, through scientific experimentation, has acquired the ability to swing around, possess humans, and wield up to 8 guns. These scientists strived to create the perfect weapon, and they succeeded. Now, make them pay for it.

Team Members:
Michael Brownstein,
Mike Klingsieck,
Marc Jackson,
Chris Morgan,
Justin oldfather,
Dylan Draxler,
Matt McFarlane,
Orin Prindle,
Raif McCormick,
Duncan Magendanz,
Ryan Bahmanyar,
Tanner Brown,
Roy Rector,
Landon Beaty,
Noah Carr,
Luke Reynolds,
Tianshu Li,
Jevons Choi,
Vincent Levy,
Cameron Hooper,
Aaron Min,
Jolly Pun,
Christopher Wong,
Crystal Young

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