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Capstone ’22 – Shiny

A young witch called Merletta is moving into a new town and she needs your help! Play as her familiar, a crow named Nox, and help her settle into the town of Smallhaven. Complete quests, befriend the townspeople, and help Merletta come out of her shell in this cozy, casual adventure game.

Team Members:
Aliya Newman
Angelique Aban
Brennan Jeppson
Elaine Tanaka
Ella Moskun
Erik Pickett
Evan Voordeckers
Jakob Horvath
James Lee
Jesse Toftum
Kiaya Young
Matt Mader
Mingjun Xie
Naomi Emoto
Nicolai Su
Ray Hunt
Riley Bunderson
Robert Park
Sean Lowe
Wyatt Sanders

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