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C11 – Sword of Atlas

Sword of Atlas combines fast-paced, real-time strategy with grid-based combat in this inventive addition to the tactical-roleplaying game genre. Taking inspiration from genre giants such as Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem, Sword of Atlas puts you in charge of an eccentric cast of characters as they struggle against the might of an evil empire and dark magics. The RPG experience has been truncated, allowing you to enjoy the story, growth, and skill progression you expect from any RPG in a shorter timeline. The fate of your party is in your hands, as a frenetic, tactical combat system intersects with a character-driven story in this one-of-a-kind tactical roleplaying game.

Team Members:
Andrey Chen
Anne Mercedes Goodman
Cody Cottrell
Connor Allen
Dylan Memmott
Emily Gosch
Erika Wood
Haotian Zhang
Joe Conrad
Jonah Brooks
Nate Strohmyer
Patrick Spencer
Renee Linford
Theo Grant
Will Strohmeyer
Xiaofei Li

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