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Capstone ’22 – Tavern Crawl

Tavern Crawl is a 3D action adventure game starring Fish, a young countryside mouse. Using weapons, agility, and cleverly crafted cocktails, Fish must defend himself from nefarious rats and enemies on a journey far from his home to a gigantic mouse city beneath a bustling tavern, all to secure precious alcohol for his village’s survival.

Team Members:
Acadia Pinault
Ami Iverson
Braydon Pinder
Chandler Vu
Devin Schwehr
Josh Lange
Kim Young
Kyle Kelley
Logan Simmons
Lukas Ross
Luke Schmidt
Nicholas Allshouse
Noah Harren
Parker Beckett
Rachel May
Sam Hunt
Siri Reilly
Spencer Greeff
Stefan McGee
Thomas Ady
Trevor Roth
Trey Davidowski
Tylar West
Wei Hu
Wyatt Getzen
Cal Tillman
Julian Cabrera
Jung Hyun Kim
Danahyah Evans
Xiaoyan Zhang

Download on Steam!