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EAE Launch 2019 recap

Each Spring as the school year ends, we invite the public to come playtest our student games. This provides the students with an opportunity to showcase their work to family and friends, gain invaluable playtesting feedback, and gives the public a chance to see our space.

This year was our largest yet, with students showing over 50 games. They range in style from the polished AAA-style 3D platformer Hard Light Vector to the nostalgic pixel art of the Hocus Potions – a farming simulator role-playing game. Out front, our Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab students were stationed to showcase the educational and serious games that we make in collaboration with the University of Utah Health Sciences.

For the first time ever we had some of our students work on and present alternative control games. The requirement for these games was simple: to make a novel way for the player to input commands. In Goodbye, players were seen using Ouija board to explore a house and speak with spirits. Nearby, players were punching and kicking a wooden dummy to input commands into the rhythmic fighter game Ready, Set, Hyah!

Attendees enjoyed a live DJ, treats aplenty, and meeting like-minded gamers in a welcoming space. We hold these events every May and December. Follow us on social media to see the invites and we hope to see you this Winter!

EAE also held the inaugural Industry Game Awards Panel

Judges chose winners for the following catagories:

Excellence in Visuals

Excellence in Audio

Excellence in Gameplay

Most Innovative

Best in Show

See some news stories from the event here: