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Grad Thesis Games


3D top down adventure game features supernatural anomalies.

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Ottercide Studio

Folktale is a first-person looping horror game where the player finds themself in a progressively forgone villa attempting to uncover why they are there and what happened to the family that has since vanished.
Dim lights, a mysterious tragedy, and a broken heart linger within the villa. Solve puzzles and explore the villa to reveal the truth.

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Toy Factory Horror

The story follows a lonely child seeking escape from this strange and dark place. The factory echoes with whispers from the past, some of them all too familiar. Slipping between the past and present, the player puzzles their way through the crumbling remains of a toy factory filled with the remnants of its child workers and the grudges they bear.

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Weird Hat Fight

Hat Fight is a party game where you use magical hats to fight your friends to the death.

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Undergrad Capstone Games

Comrade Quack
The Quackies

Comrade Quack is a fun, hybrid, third person tower defense game aimed at young adult audiences. You play as Comrade Quack defending the Mother Pond from a swarm of capitalist pigs. Third-person shooting and strategic placement of turrets will keep your ponds safe from being turned into muddy sties. Strategy and comedy will collide in this wacky fast-paced game that's sure to keep you coming back for more! Comrade Quack will be played on PC with a mouse and keyboard.

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Revenge of the Killer Octopus
Messy Bed Productions

Revenge of the killer octopus is a fast paced third person shooter where you play as a vengeful octopus that has the ability to wield 8 guns and possess enemies.

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Desaturation Point
Paint Bucket Studios

Desaturation Point is a Strategic Squad-Based Horror Game in which players navigate across Arctic Labyrinths shrouded in shadows and overrun by freakishly Colorful Monstrosities in what we’re calling a ‘Lovecraft-on-LSD experience.’

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Shiny Team

Relaxing game where you play as a crow and help a witch move into her new town! Meet the locals and start up a new potion shop.

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The End of it All
Cult of Ted

The End of it All is an isometric adventure game where players must control a large cast of characters and exploit personal relationships to take over a small town one person at a time.

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Splinters of Regret
Shatterbox Studios

A roguelike bullet hell where you must fight manifestations of your and others' regrets.

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One Shot
ThreeHaw Company Ranch

One Shot is a fast paced FPS where your shots matter, so make them count.

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Tavern Crawl
Sewer Rat Studios

Tavern Crawl is a 3D action adventure game starring Fish, a young countryside mouse. Using weapons, agility, and cleverly crafted cocktails, Fish must defend himself from nefarious rats on a journey far from his home to a gigantic mouse city beneath a bustling tavern, all to secure precious alcohol for his village's survival.

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