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Empowerment Through Play

Empowerment Through Play: Transdisciplinary practice in applied games research
Laura Levy

April 7th @10am MT

Description: Empowerment of players and games users can take many forms with the applications of games potentially carrying profound impacts on players health, education, and realization of identity. This talk will cover Dr. Levy’s program of research that explores how transdisciplinary research approaches and teams can create games and gaming experiences that empower players through self-actualization, sustainable and ethical participation, and scholastic achievement. Applied gaming research necessitates transdisciplinary coordination with professionals spanning disparate disciplines, frameworks, and domains, which this talk will examine through specific ongoing projects.

Dr. Laura Levy is a human-factors psychologist and Research Director of Gaming & Esports Applied Research (GEAR) at the Georgia Institute of Technology specializing in esports and games user research focusing on esports player health and safety, esports as STEAM engagements for K-12 students, and novel esports fan entertainment experiences. Working with industry and government organizations, Levy leads a research center studying factors impacting esports stakeholder participation in the industry, and has created and evaluated tools and interventions that establish positive impacts on a variety of esports stakeholders including fans, players, staff, educational and medical professionals. She has a BS in Zoology from the University of Florida, a MS in Biology and a MS in Psychology from Georgia Tech, and PhD in Psychology from Georgia Tech.