Save the Date: EAE Launch 2021

Event Date: Wednesday, April 28

Come and view our giant launch party!

Drop in on twitch and check out any of the following and more:

  • Graduate student thesis games
  • Undergraduate capstone projects
  • First semester graduate student prototypes
  • Games research projects from games for health
  • Reels from our Machinima, Traditional Game Dev, Alternative Game Dev and Intro to Game Design classes
  • Featured EAE Alumni currently working in industry

Click here to see the List of Games

Stream runs from 11am-7pm MST

Hosted on Twitch!

Check out some highlights from last year HERE!

EAE Launch 2021 Schedule


11:10am - 2:15pm

2:20 - 3:20pm

3:25 - 3:50pm

3:55 - 4:30pm

4:35 - 5:10pm

5:15 - 5:30pm

5:35 - 7:20pm


Opening Remarks

Undergraduate Capstone

C11 - Alt Ctrl Games

Alternative Game Development

Traditional Game Development

The Gapp Lab


C10 Thesis Games

Closing Remarks