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Featured Talk – C Thi Nguyen

Speaker: C Thi Nguyen Date: Jan 31, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio(Bldg 72, 2nd Floor) Talk title: Games as the Art of Agency Description: Games, I claim, are the art form that works in the medium of agency. Playing a game is taking in on an alternate agency temporarily. We take on different abilities and different […]

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EAE Global Game Jam 2018

For the third year in a row, the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering lab will take part in the Global Game Jam (GGJ). The GGJ is an annual event where universities, libraries, game development studios and labs lock the doors for a weekend of ‘jamming’ on some games. Just like rock bands that […]

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Featured Talk – Amy K Hoover

Speaker: Amy K Hoover Date: Jan 24, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio(Bldg 72, 2nd Floor) Talk title: Creative AI: Deep Learning & Games Description: With recent advancements in deep learning (a subfield of AI), companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Unity and NVIDIA are beginning to embrace advanced AI-based techniques. Researchers in academia and in industry alike […]

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EAE Play 2018

Students from the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering video game development program got their game on during this year’s “EAE Play,” the annual fall event when they show off the games currently being made. Read the full article and see pictures from the event HERE!

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Featured Talk – Kenneth Williams

Speaker: Kenneth Williams from Blizzard Entertainment Date: Nov 29, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio Talk title: The Life of a Server Engineer Description: Many game programmers are naturally drawn to working on game engines, AI, or flashy visual effects systems. However, the meatiest code – and the most challenging to get just right – often goes […]

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Featured Talk – James Hulse

Speaker: James Hulse Date: Nov 15, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio Talk title: Game Dev in a Non-Game Land Description: Is there a place for games outside of entertainment? How is experience in games relevant in other industries? We will discuss how your experience in a video game-related degree program can be applied to a non-game-related […]

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Featured Talk – Andy Phelps

Speaker: Andy Phelps Date: Nov 8, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio Talk title: Applied Constructionism in an Interactive Games Curriculum Description: This talk explores the role of constructionism as a basis for computing and arts education though a retrospective of the design, development, history and analysis of the programs at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Specific […]

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Save the Date: EAE Play!

Come and join our giant play testing party! We will be showcasing and playtesting over 30 games from both our undergraduate and graduate games programs. There will be food and music and you can help our students improve their games with your feedback! Drop in and check out any of the following and more: Graduate […]

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Featured Talk – Clara Fernández-Vara

Speaker: Clara Fernández-Vara Date: Sep 13, 5-6pm, EAE Game Studio Talk title: Narrative Design Beyond Games Description: There is an increased need for narrative content in interactive media – from voice-recognition devices to augmented and virtual reality. Rather than making the same mistakes, we can look back at what games have done in decades past, […]

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